8 months ago

As marketers, it is our job to work closely with the product team, as well as the sales team because people buy things on the basis of their behavior towards certain things or reasons. People like to think 'What kind of product/service people like us buy/use?' and that's a fair point.

Take the example of College Conexion, when you joined College Conexion, even while I was writing this post I thought what I should do that makes me reach nearer to the people who are as same as me, and definitely the sound that came out was "CREATE CONTENT". Even when we look at the broader perspective, we do stuff similar to what people like us do. People like us enjoy the ambiance of Starbucks over CCD? We got our way there. We donate because people like us donate.

So, another point which marketers should always have in their mind is that we should specify the "People" segment which we are targeting while building a product or service so that it can help us stand out and do better.

We should also provide our customer to feel the "People like us" sentiment so that they can become our sales force.

Would love to know what do you all think about it?

Inspired by Sir Seth Godin
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