How to build a strong profile on College Conexion

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We always wonder how we could make the best of our profiles so no need to worry, in this article you will learn how to make a strong profile. Hop on in this journey.

College Conexion, a website or you could say a platform for students. Various institutions and universities students share this one platform. This application's motto is to help students by exploring and giving them an experience in various fields. In this platform you can find your creativity. For a strong profile on College Conexion you have to keep some points in mind. Now, there are a lot of things that can make your profile strong so let's just discuss them.

1. Profile picture 

Profile picture is your identity. This shows who you are, what you are and how you are? So choose something right for it. As you know this platform is for students you have to choose something very appropriate so that others can recognize you (if they are from the same university) that will help you get connected to them very easily.

2. Give a brief about yourself 

Don't just write some words rather share your story. Add personal details about yourself. Tell the world who you are. Share your hobbies and express yourself in this brief description you can talk a lot more rather than just share the usual like others do. This makes a strong profile.

3. Add relevant content 

Now content is very important in terms of expressing yourself. You can share or write up a relevant informational content that will knowledge others. With this, people know about your point of view and take part in connecting with you. You can share anything that really concerns you or interests you.

4. Increase your network 

You can increase your Network by providing your website or email address or any other portfolio link. This will increase your opportunities too you never know what's there holding for you. It's a good way to keep your network lively and up-to-date.

5. Start blogging 

Blogging is a very good way to make your profile strong. You can create a blog of your own. Bloggers are famous for their fields. For example some write on gadgets some give educational information whereas some known for their travelling write up. It's totally up to you what you write just select a perfect niche for yourself and then start the magic.

6. Give comments to your fellow mates

The best way to take suggestions or advices is to give them first. Comments on someone's status or comment to their timeline this will help them to make their content perfect. Plus this will improve your connectivity too. You can express your thoughts in your comments this will give your peers your point of view.

7. Share your experience 

Your experience is everything you behold. Make a good use of it share your experiences with others. This will give you the image that others think about you. Adding your experience is an advantage for you so make the best use of it.

8. Start Connecting 

Start Connecting with others. This is the best you could do. Make small talk on comment section or drop a text to your mates whichever suits you. But start connecting because this is a plus point in making your profile strong.

9. Add your skills

This is the important point that you have to do. Skills are the talent which makes you what you are. This could be anything for example you like cooking then add this skill or you love to play badminton so basically it could be anything of your interest. So add your skills and explore.

10. Create Connections 

You can create connections to have a great career ahead. You can add friends or follow some influencers this is the best way to start planning for your future.

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