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This blog is all about knowing how to show social presence.

Building social presence


We are all humans ,"the social animals".Who have been on the earth since centuries and have survived gracefully .All this was only possible with the give and take method i.e. exchange method.

This is most important and root reason for our existance . A person who is not socially active ends up being deprived of a lot of things around . It's all like a tree the deeper the roots the more the fruits.

Now talking about the current situation we are in, is somewhere, where we need to have a social impact to have knowledge on time . Also in today's world only this works most efficiently. This is also known as mouth publicity.This is why being socially active is important. Now how to be one. It's like randomly reminding people that you exists but not Directly reaching them out , may be sometimes doing that too.

Here comes a list which might help you out as a reference-


  • Posting your progress time to time: Posting your progress time to time will make people understand your interests and will also show case your consistent which will be a feather in the cap. 
  • Posting stories related to the same field you are working on everyday remember everyday: Posting stories everyday will lead to people noticing your presence everyday as your name will always be there on top and every time they'll remember/notice anything related to your stories people will surely turn back to you.
  • Interacting with people with same interest: This will build your circle and you'll get to know a lot of new things and even the event updated which will give you more opportunities.
  • Sharing your views: This will help out people to make their opinions  about you which will make it clear from your side and your personality will be enhanced.
  • Being a little more sensible on professional sites:  While posting on social media be aware of the fact that this is shaping your personality in front of audience ,so be sensible and post related to the professional interests.
  • Keeping your social sites connected: Keeping your social sites will give your audience a little of more access to know about your personality .
  • Don't post same content on all connected sites:Posting same content will be a bad idea as there will be no layer coming off while going through your connected sites. 

 It is very important to show your presence . And when your social media profiles will be interlinked then this will help out your people to get through it and understand your preference and make a image which will help you out in mouth publicity later. 

For more of such information stay connected. And you can suggest the topics you want info on.